Business Lesson 2
New Vocabulary
нижняя граница, итоговый
коллективный, общий
пойти на компромисс
conflict resolution
решение конфликта
counter proposal
встречное предложение
тот с кем ведутся переговоры
сердечно, вежливо
левередж, рычаги влияния
услуга за услугу
вводить в заблуждение
point of view
точка зрения
оказывать давление
чувство обиды
exchange rate
курс обмена валют
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Negotiation Preparation
Peter Prepares to Negotiate with Louis
Peter approaches Louis after his shift on Friday afternoon and asks if he can arrange a meeting to discuss a potential promotion. Louis sighs and reminds Peter that they already had this discussion last year. Peter agrees, but reminds Louis of his loyalty to the company and insists that they speak again on the subject next week. Eventually Louis, who is afraid that Peter might quit on the spot, agrees to meet on Monday during the crew's lunchhour.

Over the weekend, Peter thinks about Monday's meeting. Last year, he was unprepared to negotiate and ended up only getting a 50 cent/hour pay raise. This did not satisfy him, and he has continued to feel undervalued ever since. Many times, after a hard day at work, Peter has considered quitting. However, it is difficult to find work in the middle of winter. Peter has a family to support and he can't afford to lose his job.

Peter decides to do some research on negotiating. He learns the principles behind collaborative negotiating, and decides that this is the approach he will take this time. After he has understood the concept he can ask himself the preparatory questions above. Finally, he can apply the rules of collaborative negotiating to his own case.

Opening the negotiations
Peter Opens the Negotiations
It's finally lunchtime and Peter and Louis meet as planned. Peter offers for Louis to speak first, but Louis declines:

Peter: Thanks again for agreeing to meet today. I really appreciate you taking the time during your lunch.

Louis: Okay, well, let's get started. I'd like to resolve this as soon as possible so we can get back to work.

Peter: Great. Okay, well, if there's anything you'd like to say first, please be my guest.

Louis: Oh, no, I insist you go first. After all, you're the one who asked to meet with me.

Peter: Very well then. First of all I want you to know that I am fully aware of the challenges you have faced in running this company in the last few years. I understand that the poor weather last year ended up costing you and all of the local landscape companies a lot of money. However, I think you realize that I am unsatisfied with my current salary. I've been with Landscape labourers for 5 years now and there have been many other years that were profitable. Despite how much your business has grown, I'm making less than a dollar more than I was the day I started.

Louis: You're lucky to have a job in these times.

Peter: Yes, and I'm very thankful that you have employed me all this time, especially during the slow seasons when the company is struggling to make a profit. It means a lot to me to have that stability, which is why I have remained loyal to your company.

Louis: You haven't had much choice but to remain loyal, Peter. There are no jobs out there.

Peter: Well if you don't mind, I'd like to finish what I have to say and then you can let me know what your position is. As a matter of fact, there are a few companies hiring right now in our area. These are not all necessarily companies that I would be interested in working with. For example, you and I both know that I would never want to work for a company such as Powell Designs. I'd much prefer to be associated with a company like Landscape Labourers because we do a good job. Having said that, I took the liberty of calling a few other local companies to find out what type of salary packages they offer to their foremen.

Louis: Foremen? I don't have a foreman. I never have. It's not my style. Don't forget, you're a contract labourer just like the rest of the crew.

Peter: Yes, I thank you for bringing that up. Besides deserving a higher salary, one that is competitive with local companies, I also think that I deserve a new title. You and I both know that the crew looks to me as though I am a foreman, even though I don't have the title.

Louis: You don't have the title, but you also don't have the responsibility. It's a lot of work being a foreman.

Peter: Exactly. And you can't say that you haven't noticed me coming in earlier than the others and leaving later. I also designate jobs to all of the crew members each morning and call suppliers when needs arise. These are duties of a foreman, am I right?

Louis: I suppose. But a foreman also helps solve conflicts that arise within a team, and deals with customer complaints. You always pass those things on to me.

Peter: I agree with you on that. However, I would be willing to take on these extra responsiblities, should you offer me a foreman position at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

Practise new vocabulary on Quizlet
Answer the questions to the text
You can compare your answers with answer key below
Answer the preparatory questions
You can compare your answers with answer key below
Listen to a negotiations audio
Match the words to their definitions
Answer the questions to the audio
You can compare your answers with answer key below
Your homework is to write the summary of this topic, minimum 15 sentences, using new words and expressions
Write your own beautiful success story!
Translate the following sentences into English
the first set is mandatory
Compare your answers to the keys
Answers to the Preparatory Questions
  1. My main objective is to be named crew foreman and to earn a salary that is competitive with other foremen in the area.
  2. Alternatives include looking for work elsewhere, asking for a dollar more an hour, suggesting that Louis hire someone else to take on extra duties.
  3. I deserve this promotion because I have worked with the company for five consecutive years, and have received many compliments from satisfied clients. I am the team member who reports early every morning and leaves last. If we are under a deadline, I work through my lunchhour. All of the other team members come to me with their questions.
  4. Opponent will likely say that he can't afford to pay me more because business is slow in the winter. He will say that there are plenty of qualified labourers who will do the work for less money.
  5. Both of these arguments are probably true. The company lost a lot of money last year due to poor weather. There were a few weeks that we couldn't work, but the boss had to pay us anyway because of our contracts. And, unemployment is at an all time high in our region. However, the boss just signed a contract with a new company that will mean regular work for at least the next two years. Also, the other team members rely on me, and none of them have the experience to take over my position if I quit. It will cost the boss a lot of money to train a new landscaper to do everything that I do.
  6. I understand that winter is tough on this business, so I would like to have this issue resolved by spring.
  7. I will look into three other local landscaping businesses and inquire about the salary and benefits of its employees. I will also review the classified ads to see if any other companies are hiring or looking for a foreman.
  8. I think boss and I have equal bargaining power right now. None of the other current members of our team are as committed to the job as I am. However, unemployment is high and there are other people he could hire.
  9. I have never been a strong negotiator. I need to learn more about negotiation strategies and tactics

Answers to the text questions
1. How long Markus has been working with Landscape labourers?
For 5 years

2. True or false: Markus is making a thousand dollar more than on the day he started

3. True or false: Markus is thankful that he has been employed all this time

4. According to Louis, what does the foreman have to do in addition to supervising other crew members?
A foreman also helps solve conflicts that arise within a team, and deals with customer complaints.

5. True or false: Markus wants a foreman position at a rate of 100$ per hour

Audio answer key
1. The project is important because … it will improve what the company is offering the customer.

2. Matteo is concerned about … not having time to work on the project.

3. Akiko is the best person to do the customer survey questionnaire because
she has studied the subject.

4. Matteo initially asks for … a reduction in his targets.

5. John's immediate response to Barbara's offer to help Matteo is … not entirely positive.

6. It's important that Matteo does the designs because … no one else knows how to do them.

Audio word match answer key
To collaborate - to work together with others in order to achieve something, сотрудничать.

А value proposition -
a benefit that a company's products or services provide to customers, ценностное предложение.

To work crossfunctionally -
to work with people from different divisions or departments, работать кросс-функционально.

A deliverable -
something that a person has agreed to have ready by a specific time, результат.

A timeline - a project schedule, график.

A stakeholder
- someone who has an interest in the success or failure of a project or product, акционер, спонсор.

Audio tapescript
John: Thanks, everyone, for coming to this project meeting. I know we're all working cross-functionally on this project, but so far the key stakeholders are really pleased with how it's going. This project will really benefit our overall value proposition and the company as a whole.

Akiko: Thanks, John. It's an important project. It's good to be collaborating on this together.

Matteo: Yes, it's important, but we're all so busy with our regular jobs. It'll be difficult to fit things in.

John: It's OK, Matteo. We'll work it out. I know that you all have a lot on at the moment, combining this project with your regular jobs.

Barbara: So, what do we need to do, and by when?

John: Good questions, Barbara. We have a number of key deliverables to discuss so it's essential we're all in agreement about roles and responsibilities and also the timelines we're working to.

Akiko: Great.

Matteo: Yes, it's good to get this clear.

John: So, the first thing we need to do is design the customer survey questionnaire. In my experience, this is best done through an online survey tool.

Akiko: That sounds like a great idea. I'm glad you have experience with this.

John: Yeah, we've done something similar on previous projects.

Matteo: So will you do that, John?

John: I'd love to but I'm already tied up managing this project, and my line manager, Kate, has agreed that I should focus on the timelines, reporting and financial management. I'd like Akiko to lead on the questionnaire. You learned about this on your marketing and PR course, didn't you?

Akiko: Yeah, happy to take it on.

John: Thanks, Akiko. Next thing is we need the new designs finalised. Matteo, you said you could do this in a couple of weeks, right?

Matteo: Yeah, I know, but that was last month, and then nothing happened. I'm overloaded at the moment and my line manager won't be happy if I don't hit my targets. Sorry, but this project has to take lower priority.

John: Hmm. I see. I can understand the challenge you're facing. I've been in that situation before. So, what can we do to help you hit those targets and free up some time?

Matteo: That's a good question. If I could get a slight reduction in my targets, I could use the extra time that would create to finish the designs for this project.

John: OK. We might not be able to get your targets reduced, but I'll see what we can do.

Barbara: How about if I support Matteo there? I know his job well and I have some capacity at the moment. I can help him meet his targets so he can free up some time to finish the designs for this project.

Matteo: Could you, Barbara?

John: Hmm. I'm not sure if it's fair to ask Barbara to be supporting Matteo in his regular job so he can work on this project.

Barbara: It's up to you, but I'm happy to support Matteo with his regular work, just for a couple of weeks so he can create the designs. He's the only one with the expertise.

John: Yeah, you're right. OK, thanks a lot, Barbara. I appreciate it. Matteo, would that work for you?

Matteo: Yes, that would work. Thanks. OK, you've made it easy for me to say yes.

John: OK, then that's settled. Thanks, both. I really appreciate your help in this. So, can you get them done by the end of the month?

Matteo: Yes, that should be no problem.

The first set
  1. We need AMPLIFY to the sales department.

  2. We can't offer you the raise you requested, but let's discuss some other ALTERNATIVES.

  3. We're better to settle this between us, because a formal ARBITRATION will cost both of us money.

  4. We BARGAINED on the last issue for over an hour before we agreed to take a break.

  5. I'll accept a raise of one dollar per hour, but that's my BOTTOM-LINE.

  6. This is a COLLECTIVE concern, and it isn't fair to discuss it without Marie present.

  7. If you are willing to work ten extra hours a week we will COMPENSATE you by paying you overtime.

  8. I'd be willing to COMPLY if you can offer me my own private office.

  9. We are willing to COMPROMISE on this issue because it means so much to you.

  10. I think we can afford all of these CONCESSIONS, but not all at once.

  11. It is impossible to engage in CONFLICT RESOLUTION when one of the parties refuses to listen.

  12. I CONFRONTED my boss about being undervalued, and we're going to talk about things on Monday.

  13. It would be great if we could come to a CONSENSUS by 5:00 P.M.

  14. I have appreciated your COOPERATION throughout these negotiations.

  15. In their COUNTER PROPOSAL they suggested that we keep their company name rather than creating a new one.

  16. Before we could start our COUNTERATTACK they suggested we sign a contract.

The second set
  1. I tried to close the discussions at noon, but my COUNTERPART would not stop talking.

  2. In the past I have had little respect for that client, but today she spoke CORDIALLY and listened to my point of view.

  3. They had some last minute DEMANDS that were entirely unrealistic.

  4. When the discussions came to a DEADLOCK we wrote up a letter of intent to continue the negotiations next week.

  5. I was hoping to avoid discussing last year's DISPUTE, but Monica is still holding a grudge.

  6. Max has such a loud voice, he tends to DOMINATE the conversations.

  7. My contract says that I am ENTITLED to full benefits after six months of employment.

  8. We have always been FLEXIBLE in terms of your working hours.

  9. We've been HAGGLING over this issue for too long now.

  10. I want you to know that we don't have any HOSTILITY towards your company despite last year's mixup.

  11. I acted on IMPULSE when I signed that six-month contract.

  12. They were so INDECISIVE we finally asked them to take a break and come back next week.

  13. We have a little bit of LEVERAGE because we are the only stationary company in town.

  14. After a bit of LOG-ROLLING we came to an agreement that pleased both of us.

  15. They MISLED us into thinking that everything could be resolved today.

  16. The decision to call off the merger was MUTUAL.

The third set
  1. My prime OBJECTIVE is to have my family members added to my benefits plan.

  2. From my POINT OF VIEW it makes more sense to wait another six months.

  3. He PRESSURED me to accept the terms by using intimidation tactics.

  4. While I listened to their PROPOSAL I noted each of their objectives.

  5. His positive body language demonstrated that he was RECEPTIVE to our suggestions.

  6. Mary's RESENTMENT stems from our not choosing her to head the project.

  7. We didn't expect so much RESISTANCE on the final issue.

  8. Before you can RESOLVE your differences you'll both need to calm down.

  9. There are certain TACTICS that all skillful negotiators employ.

  10. There was a lot of TENSION in the room when George threatened to quit.

  11. Lower payments over a longer period of time sounded like a fair TRADE-OFF until we asked about interest charges.

  12. His ULTIMATUM was that if I didn't agree to give him the raise he asked for, he'd quit today without two week's notice.

  13. It's UNREALISTIC to think that we will have all of our demands met.

  14. We considered it a VICTORY because they agreed to four of our five terms.

  15. The client will only YIELD to our conditions, if we agree to work over the holiday weekend.

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