Computer Games
Business Lesson 12
New Vocabulary
Artificial intelligence (AI)
искусственный интеллект
Augmented Reality (AR)
дополненная реальность
Mobile marketing
мобильный маркетинг
Gaming industry
индустрия компьютерных игр
фактор влияния, инфлюенсер
извлекать выгоду из ч-т ранее созданного
Streaming platform
поточная платформа
To leverage
эффективно использовать
устройство, прибор
основное направление, главная тенденция
game walkthroughs
ход игры
Cloud Gaming
облачные игры
сокрушительная сила
всеобщий охват
компьютерное оборудование
программное обеспечение
игровая приставка
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
центральный процессор
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
графический процессор
Rough sketch
Game Engine
игровой движок
Texture Mapping
отображение текстур
Interactive media
интерактивная система связи
затруднение, проблема
погружать, окунать
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Our world is rapidly becoming a gamer's paradise, what with artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and mobile marketing growth. Tech Jury estimates that the gaming industry will be worth $180 billion in 2021. For years, the gaming industry has been an enigmatic challenge that many marketers have failed to crack. In a niche space where revenue was intrinsically linked to the launch dates of major games, marketing in the gaming industry has traditionally been an unpredictable, frustrating venture.

Until now.

The big question for marketers is: how can you tap into that and maximize your own brand's visibility in the uber-competitive gaming industry?

As you'll soon see, the answer lies with gaming influencers.

Gaming Influencers Aren't Just Playing Around

Influencer marketing is no secret, as major brands from all industries are piggybacking on the reputation of social media celebrities on a variety of platforms to reach wider audiences. All it takes is the right partnership with a relevant player, and your product can go stratospheric.

Social influencers can make thousands of dollars with a single post, and those with large audiences are capable of raking in $250,000 or more – and this is especially true with gaming influencers on YouTube.

Many of the biggest influencers in the gaming industry started out like any average teen gamer, going square-eyed into the small hours of the morning despite protesting parents.

Some may say that gamers are lazy and should get a real job, so it was quite fitting when the energy drink, Red Bull, teamed up with probably the most popular gaming influencer in the world, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, to release limited edition Red Bull Ninja cans. Presumably, they give him the energy to continue making a fortune playing video games.

Along with YouTube, the biggest stage for influencers in the gaming industry is the hugely popular streaming platform, Twitch, where members can hook up their console, computer or smartphone to stream live videos of themselves while playing a game.

Research shows that 80% of the top 10 influencers in 2018 were not even in the charts in 2017. No influencer seems to hold a secure spot, which is testament to obviously fierce competition. With global audiences and a constant battle for supremacy, gaming influencers present an abundance of marketing opportunities.

So, how can you crack it?

5 Ways to Leverage Modern Marketing in the Gaming Industry

According to Nielsen, 64% of Americans aged 13+ play video games on a device.

Even though it's gone mainstream, many marketers still find it tough to connect with people. But it's not as complex as you think. Instead of looking for new-fangled ways of engaging people, you just need to leverage what we already know about modern marketing.

By looking at five key reasons for the growth of the gaming industry, we can see parallels with the growth of digital marketing as a whole. Once you understand this correlation, it's much easier to tap into the potential of the gaming industry.

1. The World is Mobile-Mad

Just consider these stats:

  • Mobile games contribute 51% of the entire global revenue from the gaming industry. (Go Globe)
  • Mobile gaming industry revenue is higher than the GDP of Costa Rica. (MediaKix)
  • US gamers aged 18-35 play mobile games for 48 minutes every day. (Variety)
This is a massive, readily-engaged market for companies to target. By pairing up with a gaming influencer that is relevant to your brand and products, you can quickly build brand awareness and boost leads.

The perfect example is the game, Brawl Stars. The creators, Supercell, teamed up with 10 influencers to promote the game pre-launch, helping them acquire 5 million registrations after announcing the release date. Since then, the game has been covered by many other influencers and is now the most played mobile game on YouTube.

2. Women Are On the Rise

Where once the typical gamer might have been an acne-ridden boy in a basement, it's now just as likely to be an older woman.

Today, 45% of gamers are women and girls. In fact, the most avid mobile gamers are middle-aged women. How's that for a paradigm shift?

For brands who want to start marketing in the gaming industry, this is great news. The massive numbers of Gen Xers and Millennials online offer companies partnerships with people who actually have disposable income.

The YouTube duo, Rose and Rosie have a following of over 840,000 on their page Rose Ellen Dix, which touches on lifestyle topics like relationship advice and LGBT issues. They have managed to leverage this following to promote their other page, Let's Play Games, where Rose and Rosie do game walkthroughs and explore games on a live stream for their loyal audience.

While many male gamers gravitate towards battle games and car racing, companies who align themselves with women's interests may find partnerships that come with a more diverse audience.

3. Video Content is King

The rise of video marketing goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the gaming industry. Video content gets more engagement and influences more consumers. Studies from Smart Insights assert that video content will account for 78% of all the data traffic in the world in 2019.

As for the effect of video in the gaming industry, we need only look at YouTube, where six out of the top ten channels are related to gaming.

Gamers happily while away hours watching gaming videos, with 48% of gamers on YouTube admitting they actually spend more time watching others play.

But they aren't just watching anybody - they want to watch gaming influencers in action. Gamers can follow top influencers to learn tips, discover new games, and fall deeper in love with their greatest obsession.

The undisputed kingpin is a Swedish gamer, Felix Kjellberg, who goes by the moniker, PewDiePie. Despite some unfortunate racial slurs that cost him a partnership with Disney, his 90-million-strong following continue to tune in for his videos.

4. For Cloud Computing, the Sky's the Limit

When Amazon swooped in and acquired Twitch for a cool $970 million in 2014, many wondered how the gaming platform would fit into Jeff Bezos' plans for world domination. As the cloud computing market has since blossomed, the answer became obvious.

After buying Twitch, Bezos launched Amazon Web Services in a clear statement of intent, but Amazon is certainly not in an echo chamber. Rival digital giants have joined the fray, causing massive disruption to the traditional gaming console space once monopolized by Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

Microsoft is now working on their cloud gaming service, Project xCloud, which is set to follow hot on the heels of Google's Project Stream that came out in 2018.

Cloud gaming has steadily become a juggernaut, with the global sensation Fortnite being instrumental in the explosion of the online gaming industry. The cross-platform battle royale game is the product of Chinese company, Tencent, and it rapidly captured the imagination of the world in 2018, as well as most of the market with a whopping $3 billion digital revenue.

For a gaming influencer, streaming live content is an important part of the job. As such, the continuing growth of cloud services will pave the way for many lucrative partnerships and promotions in the years ahead.

5. Brand Integrity is Inspirational

When Social Point Games wanted to promote their game Monster Legends, they opted to partner with Mark Fischbach, aka American YouTuber Markiplier. Fischbach had a charted history of using his influence for good, with several livestream campaigns raising thousands for needy causes including Save the Children. With over 23 million subscribers he certainly qualifies as an influencer.

This proved to be a smart move by Social Point Games, as the company and the influencer were a perfect match. The company was well aware of the value of social consciousness in the modern era, understanding that almost 90%of consumers will switch brands based on a connection with charitable causes or efforts. When Fischbach announced he would donate $10,000to the Miracle Foundation charity, many people were keen to check out his review of Monster Legends.

Every company wants more brand awareness. If you can create awareness for a good cause during your marketing campaign, your brand will quickly gain a sterling reputation that people gravitate towards. It's the cheat sheet you need to establish trust with potential new customers.

The Secret is Inclusivity

Fortnite is a global phenom because it broke the mold. Not only is it available on all platforms, but it took the age-old formula of the traditional fighting game and ripped it to shreds, choosing to create diverse, relatable characters instead of a stereotypical bunch of testosterone-filled action heroes.

Women are in love with games now because of moves like this, and they have plenty of strong female gaming influencers to be inspired by, such as SSSniperWolf, who has 9 million followers, and iHasCupquake, who has accrued over 2 billion video views.

Social Point Games won more fans with Monster Legends because they put social good at the forefront of their marketing campaign.

There's a common thread here:

It's inclusivity.

Marketers are trained to go niche, but marketing in the gaming industry involves everyone. By crafting a more inclusive, welcoming brand identity, you will attract more attention, and foster greater trust with people.

And who better to help you do that than gaming influencers? The traditional champions of the misfits.

If you can partner with the right influencer, you can move your brand up a few levels, and unlock a ton of bonuses along the way.
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You can wear your own headphones and it has special lenses in case you need to wear glasses.
The future of computer games

The Facebook owned Oculus Rift is the first of a next generation of Virtual Reality headsets based on technology made cheap enough because of the popularity of smart phones, could become the future of all computer gaming.

Oculus VR have made some special development kits which are for computer game makers to use to help make new games. Some industry experts think that a second development kit may be announced as soon as late March at the Game Developers Conference.

With the Occulus Rift you will be able to play many new computer games such as Left 4 Dead, Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Skyrim, Mirror's Edge, Unreal Tournament 3, Dear Esther and DiRT2.

The final version for everyone may be a year away and there are many improvements that will need to be made before it is ready for the consumer market. Nobody is certain about the price, but people think it will cost about 250 to 300 US dollars.
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1. True
2. Not Given
3. True
4. True
5. True
6. Not given
7. False
8. True
Audio answer key
  1. eSports or computer games competitions are now a thing. In some markets they are huge and they are even discussing including them in ____________. (the Olympic Games)
  2. When he was nine or ten he started playing __________, which means he started playing in. (competitively)
  3. Doing something ____________ means that it's more than a hobby or pastime. (as a professional)
  4. Team Secret are like a regular sports team. They have a group of players who play ___________ against other teams. (matches and competitions)
  5. It's becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry: just games, production of games, publishing of games and the __________. (eSports scene)
  6. So George Yao says that ___________ is becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry. (online gaming)
Audio tapescript
Neil: I'm Neil.

Catherine: Hello. I'm Catherine.

Neil: And if I say to you, Catherine, fortnight, what do you think of?

Catherine: Well, that's easy, Neil. A fortnight is a period of two weeks.

Neil: Well, fortnight, spelt f-o-r-t-n-i-g-h-t, is indeed a period of two weeks. But Fortnite, spelt F-o-r-t-n-i-t-e, is an online computer game that has become incredibly popular in a very short period of time.

Catherine: As well as popular, it's also very competitive. And you're soon going to be able to make big money playing it and you can even hire people to be your Fortnite coach.

Neil: Well, before we hear a little more about this topic, it's time for our quiz. These days we play computer games on our phones, we can hold them in our hands. In1950 Bertie the Brain was the name of one of the very first computer games. It played a simple game of noughts and crosses, also called tic-tac-toe. But how tall was this computer? Was it…

a) one metre tall;
b) about four metres tall or
c) about ten metres tall­?

Catherine: Well, if it was the 1950s, computers were huge, so I'm going to go for ten metres.

Neil: OK. Well, we'll find out if you're right at the end of the programme. eSports or computer games competitions are now a thing. In some markets they are huge and they are even discussing including them in the Olympic Games. Kyle Jackson is a 13-year-old gamer who's been asked to join a team. How long does he say he's been playing video games?

Kyle Jackson, gamer: I've played video games all my life, basically. I started playing competitively when I was around nine or ten. I got into like Halo, Call of Duty, games like that. And I just… I realised that I could probably like go to a pro (professional) level, if I keep playing at the level I am

Catherine: He said that he's been playing computer games all his life. Now that might be a little exaggeration, but he's probably been playing them ever since he can remember. When he was nine or ten he started playing competitively, which means he started playing in competitions against other people.

Neil: He talks about a number of games that he got into. This is a good expression. If you are into something you are very interested in it and to get into something describes the process of becoming interested in that thing.

Catherine: In Kyle's case, it was computer games and he got so good that he's thinking about playing at a professional level. Doing something as a professional means that it's more than a hobby or pastime. It's something someone pays you to do because you are really good at it.

Neil: George Yao is a former gaming champion who is now Director of Media of Team Secret. Team Secret are like a regular sports team. They have a group of players who play matches and competitions against other teams. Except these are not regular sports. These are eSports and they are big business. Here's George Yao.

George Yao, Director of Media of Team Secret: It's becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry: just games, production of games, publishing of games and the eSports scene. So it's not just one thing now, it's a whole industry.

CatherineSo George Yao says that online gaming is becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry. We usually think of industry as factories and manufacturing. But it can also apply to other areas as well that involve a lot of different elements that come together to make a business.

Neil: Different elements that he mentions as part of this industry are creating games, publishing games and the eSports scene. The word here scene here refers to the world of eSports: the events, the competitions and the players. And many people want to be part of that scene. Right, now, let's get the answer to our quiz question about the size of that 1950s computer game. Was it… a) one metre tall; b) four metres tall or c) ten metres tall? What did you say, Catherine?

Catherine: I went for ten metres, Neil.

Neil: Well, unfortunately it was four metres.

Catherine: Still quite big though – imagine you couldn't get those in your pocket, could you?

Neil: I'd rather not! But I would like to review today's vocabulary.

Catherine: We started off with the word for a period of two weeks - a fortnight. But with a different spelling, Fortnite is also a very popular video game.

Neil: Multi-player video game competitions which people pay to go and watch are known as eSports. Playing against other people is playing competitively. Do you like to play multi-player video games, Catherine?

Catherine: I've never really got into them even though I've tried one or two. And that was one of our other expressions, to get into something – to become really interested in something.

NeilSame here, I enjoy playing a little bit but I could never be a professional. I couldn't get paid to do it as a job.

Catherine: Of course not, you're already a professional broadcaster, Neil. An area of business that is made up of different parts can be described as an industry. The video game industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. And we also talk about, for example, the fashion industry and the movie industry.

Neil: And finally there was the word scene. This noun is used to describe the world of a particular activity.

Catherine: So the eSport scene, for example, is the world of eSports. The games, the teams, the competitions, the audiences. It's all part of the scene.
Video answer key
  1. Inside a game console
  2. Hands-on
  3. C
  4. B, C, A
  5. Computer languages
  6. Depict the fur on a bear character
  7. Mistakes
  8. A comic book
  9. Calculate what happens when a spaceship hits an asteroid onscreen
  10. It's harder to create a good game than it is to create a good movie
The first set
  1. HARDWARE'S included in the price, by the way.
  2. Select the BACKGROUND using the Magic Wand Tool.
  3. Complexity is based on the number of POLYGONS in the model.
  4. I thought it would help if I could... IMMERSE myself.
  5. Google Brain is a deep learning ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE research team at Google.
  6. Mixer (formerly Beam) is a Seattle-based video game live STREAMING PLATFORM owned by Microsoft.
  7. Is that one of those NEW-FANGLED legal terms?
  8. INCLUSIVITY, in order to bring on board all stakeholders.
  9. SOFTWARE for data sharing has also been launched.
  10. All right, this is just a ROUGH SCETCH.
The second set
  1. Some of the functions are specialized in GPU programming tasks, like the texture mapping functions tex1D and tex2D.
  2. Surely she could spare you for another FORTNIGHT.
  3. But AUGMENTED REALITY is not just an enhanced playbook.
  4. UNDP will continue to LEVERAGE knowledge and technology for development results.
  5. In 2000, G-cluster demonstrated CLOUD GAMING technology at E3.
  6. It's a real economic JUGGERNOUT.
  7. The CONSOLE enjoyed a brief period of popularity in Taiwan before the market was taken over by cheaper Famicom clones.
  8. Due to the quality of her work, within a month of being hired she was promoted to a STORYBOARD artist.
  9. Chen studied in the INTERACTIVE MEDIA Program, a new division of the School of Cinematic Arts.
  10. Among others, it noted that consultants were not COMPETITIVELY selected
The third set
  1. The original PlayStation's CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT was used for sound processing.
  2. CADteam Lithuanian Authorised Autodesk dealer and DEVELOPER.
  3. Essence Engine is a GAME ENGINE developed by Relic Entertainment for video game Company of Heroes.
  4. This BUG affects support for Internet Protocol version 6.
  5. They call it "ESPORTS," right?
  6. The GAMING INDUSTRY is one of the fastest-growing multi-billion-dollar industries in the world.
  7. The RIVA TNT2 is a GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT manufactured by Nvidia starting in early 1999.
  8. There seems to be a little GLITCH in how things are proceeding.
  9. Mobile Media Group is a MOBILE MARKETING services provider and mobile advertising aggregator.
  10. INFLUENCER is a person that influences people.
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